Strategic Financial Services

The Langford Group Inc. can help you preserve, use, and transfer your hard-earned wealth more effectively, by helping you develop and implement effective financial strategies tailored to your specific needs. Our methodology involves three key steps: 1) Strategic Planning; 2) Estate Organization; and 3) Plan Services.

Strategic Planning

At Langford Group Inc. we help you create a comprehensive financial profile-- including assets, debts, income, and expenses - so you can see in 'black and white' exactly where your finances stand. Mapping your current financial picture and developing a strategy need not be daunting. We have crafted an easy-to-use form that captures all the relevant financial information in just a few minutes. Then, using that picture as our starting point, we work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for achieving your financial objectives.

Estate Organization

Your ability to preserve and transfer wealth is predicated upon your choice of estate organization. Our experts can help you determine how best to organize your business and personal assets, to avoid probate and tax liabilities. This critical step ensures you will have the right vehicles in place to effect your chosen financial strategies.

Plan Services

Last, but not least, we help you finance your strategic plans, through a mix of business services and insurance products.